Territorialized agriculture

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Territorialized agriculture Copyright : Maruani Landa, ENSAV 2016
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Territorialized agriculture refers to the construction of a close relationship between agricultural activities and its territorial context delimited by a geographical space, a political administration, a social system and set of resources. It is supported by a set of local economic, social and political interactions. Territorialization of agriculture is a process that involves collective learning, governance and institutionalization processes, which enable and legitimize the local production of goods and resources, sometimes called “civic agriculture”. It contributes to the creation of tangible and intangible resources (such as knowledge) and specific assets; in particular, it can contribute to linking products and their places of origin. In terms of inhabitants’ food needs, a territorialized agriculture contributes to constructing local food systems.

In this sense, territorialized agricultural activities aim to take into account the potential and the resources specific to a territory. In an agroecological approach, territorialized agriculture aims to reduce the use of inputs external to the territory, by relying on local biophysical interactions, reinforced by the local diversity of plant and animal species. The territorial development of agriculture may also refer to territorial planning accounting for agricultural and food issues. In this regard, and in a broader conception of agroecology, territorialized agricultural refers to the construction process of agricultural activities which meet the objectives of the other local activities such as the ones linked to food, environment management, employment.

Published on 02 August 2019

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