Integrated management of animal health

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Integrated management of animal health consists in combining preventive and therapy actions, preferably without the use of drugs (particularly antibiotics or anti-parasites).  When drug use is necessary only affected individuals should be treated with target treatments (specific molecules against the identified pathogen(s), at the recommended doses, and respecting the duration of treatment defined by the veterinarian). It also encompasses all knowledge and practices mobilized by humans in a coordinated manner in order to ensure the of a biological system (animal and herd in its environment) and/or to re-establish the balance if it has been disrupted. Integrated management of animal health can be seen as an operational declination of eco-pathology which is oriented towards better understanding the multiplicity of causes of diseases.

To avoid the emergence of psycho-social disorders, the circadian rhythm of animals should be respected, in addition To avoid the appearance of diseases, we can control animals (prophylaxis such as hygiene or vaccination) or its environment (soil, livestock housing, breeding environment, temperature …) in order to avoid injuries and the exposure to pathogens. We can also choose more robust animals (genetic type) and offer diets that meet the animals’ needs and promotes health (nutrients, pre- and probiotics, plant extracts).

Take advantage of biodiversity and enhance animal adaptability in order to improve the resistance of animals and it herd during sensitive periods are examples of ecological principles that can be used to implement integrated management of domestic animals’ health.

Published on 16 June 2017

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Laurence Fortun-Lamothe, Davi Savietto. 2017. Integrated management of animal health : Definition. Dictionnaire d'Agroecologie,

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