Group of Economic and Environmental Interest

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The Group of Economic and Environmental Interest (GIEE) is a label given by the government to recognize a group of farmers committed to a multi-year co-building process.

It aims to improve the economic, environmental and social performances of farms, and thus to build more groups of that kind.   

A « GIEE » gathers between 2 and 100 famers (20 on average) of the same production (crops, cattle breeding, wine production, or market gardening). It covers a wide range of topics (reducing inputs and developing alternative plant protection measures; food autonomy for livestock and agropastoralism; soil conservation and plant cover; and integrated or diversified production chains).  The GIEE receives support from actors of their production chain (cooperatives, interbranch organisations…), and of their area (local authorities and associations).  Together, famers and partners, are forming a web that helps synergies in their area, enabling a participative approach. Farmers must be the main actors, indeed, they must represent the majority in the group. The group’s initiative is supported by an increase in a preference for the allocation of financial aid (from the UE, the state or the locality). To prove its utility, the group is assessed at least every 3 years. The results of the assessment are published and re-used by other farmers. 

A “GIEE”, through its collective and participative dimension, is a lever which can overcome certain socio-technical barriers which curb the French agroecological transition. Co-building projects accelerates the development and adoption of new sustainable practices. Consequently, the synergies created promote exchanges, provide support to agricultural stakeholders and maintain the countryside social structure. The objectives are to improve the competitiveness of farms, working conditions, the conservation of the environment and safeguard jobs in rural areas.  

Published on 15 April 2020

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Barthelemy Souletie, Loren Serra, Simon Giuliano. 2020. Group of Economic and Environmental Interest : Definition. Dictionnaire d'Agroecologie,

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