Agroecological crop protection

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Agroecological Crop Protection (ACP) consists in applying the principles of agroecology to crop protection. It is based on a reasoning of cropping practices aiming at the sustainability of agroecosystems by taking into account their ecological functioning.

In principle, ACP aims to promote the ecological functioning of agroecosystems by directly or indirectly optimizing interactions between living communities (plant, animal and microbial) both in and above the ground. Soil health and agroecosystem biodiversity are the two guiding principles of ACP. They induce balanced functioning of cultivated crops and their resilience to biotic stresses and reduce the risks and intensity of infestations, infections, outbreaks, epidemics and invasions of pests.

The implementation of ACP in the field requires the adoption of an orderly implementation strategy for agricultural practices, resulting from a systemic and participatory approach, that gives priority to preventive methods to ensure the management of populations of pests (animal pests, pathogens and weeds) and beneficials (predators, parasitoids or pathogens of pests, pollinators, organic matter recyclers). ACP practices are implemented in a manner adapted to each production situation, according to a generic, orderly and unchanging phytosanitary strategy: compliance with regulatory measures, priority given to non-chemical preventive measures, in situ observations of the biocenosis, curative measures if necessary, preferably non-chemical.

Published on 18 March 2020

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Jean-Philippe Deguine, Alain Ratnadass, Marie-Hélène Robin, Jean-Pierre Sarthou, Jean-Noël Aubertot. 2020. Agroecological crop protection : Definition. Dictionnaire d'Agroecologie,

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